Just a little about us

My name is Leanne, I'm a photographer based in Hucknall, Nottingham. I started my photography journey ever since my first child was born in 2005. I have always loved taking photos especially of my three children, and our family pet pug Coco, although back then it was just a hobby and something to do in my "spare time". In 2012 I decided that this was more then just a hobby for me, I wanted to learn more about the photography industry. I then nagged my husband constantly about wanting a DSLR camera. Christmas day 2012, my wonderful husband bought my first DSLR and the magic happened from there. Since then I have had lots of professional one-to-one training to help me create the images you see today, which I have very much enjoyed and gained plenty of experience from doing so. I have learnt many different techniques from my experiences so far and I will continue to do as much training as possible to help me learn new tips, tricks and techniques. I love to set challenges for myself to help me reach my limits and my own personal goals. I'm very passionate about my work and willing to do whatever it takes to capture the perfect shot, whether it be for a studio shoot, on-location or photographing a wedding. I have an eye for detail which I love to share within my work, so my clients have memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. I'm also very proud to be apart of the Guild for photographers, I want to help myself build a high standard workflow which pushes me to my boundaries in order to achieve amazing results with every image I capture. I love to see my clients faces when they receive their images, this really does make my job worth while. To know that I can make my clients happy for them to keep returning back to me as well as recommending me to their friends and family is something I truly am grateful for. I have wonderful clients, each and every one of them I'm very thankful for allowing me to continue living my childhood dream. Capturing your special memories in which you hang with pride in your family homes, this makes all my hard work pay off xx